Jobs & Volunteers

We are seeking talented and passionate individuals to join the Express family. Below are the roles we are actively seeking for the 2015 season. To apply for any role listed, please contact us at


Operations Manager
The Operations Manager (OM) is the lead non-coaching staff position. During the seven months starting with tryouts in January and continuing through the end of the season in July, the OM makes sure that everything is running smoothly during the teams seven home games and that things are well coordinated as the team sets off on it’s seven away games. The OM oversees all the details of the game day, from food to tickets to the announcers booth, working with 15-20 people in a variety of roles to create the best possible experience for the fans of the Charlotte Express a reliable playing environment for the members of the team.

Game Day Manager
The Game Day Manager (GDM) is responsible for coordinating all aspects of home games. They are responsible for coordinating and scheduling 20+ game day staff members and volunteers including: ushers, ticket agents, parking attendants, and audio visual personnel. The GDM is also the contact for visiting teams, ensuring they understand the schedule for the day and layout of the Express facility. The GDM is the first Express staff member to arrive and the last to leave the stadium. The GDM works with stadium staff member(s) and understands the facility and it’s limitations.They are responsible for coordinating the setup and tear down of all Express banners and signs, ticket booths, AV equipment, merchandise tents,and food vendors. The GDM must be highly organized, well versed in problem solving and group facilitation as well as capable of delegating tasks to multiple individuals.

This position answers to the Head Referee, but also answers to the selected individual’s own sense of fair play and the rules of the AUDL. Prior experience is not required but athletic conditioning is required as refs are making calls “real time” from the field. Training will be provided. A full squad of referees is five and positions are available including a dedicated scorekeeper.

This position is critical to improving the visibility of the Charlotte Express nationwide. The ability to “see the game” in a way that translates nicely to television and the web are essential to ensuring that current and future customers have the opportunity to experience all the things that make the sport of Ultimate so exciting. The videographer reports to the Photography and Videography Coordinator. Several positions are available.

The Announcer knows the sport of Ultimate and can call the details of the game play-by-play and moment by moment. Ideally, the Announcer has a feel for the home team, highlighting additional details related to players stats and the like. Informative and entertaining, the announcer also knows the audience and is not only an expert, but an entertainer. The Announcer will at times work closely with a “Color Man” who may be near players on the field, with coaching staff or in the stands.


Ticketing and Ticket Holder Reception Agent
This position welcomes guests and is the friendly face of the Charlotte Express. He or she collects and scans pre-sold tickets, sells same day tickets (both cash and credit card transactions), and distributes Will Call packages.

Ushers will ensure that fans of the Express understand the parking and the seating at the game day venue. The Ushers will also ensure that parking is reserved and coordinated for other needs. For instance, food trucks need to be conveniently located and neatly organized.

Venue Readiness Agent
This role ensures that the PA system is working, that any needed lights are sure to come on at the appropriate times, that the right gates are unlocked, and that the restrooms are in order and functioning? The Venue Readiness Agent is the “super”, the person charged with the physical readiness of the stadium and a go-between for the Charlotte Express and Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools who owns our game day site.

Concessions Manager
The individual in charge of Concessions is constantly looking for new ways to put a quality experience easily within reach of our hungry customers. Reliable, predictable sources of on site food and drink combined with fresh and surprising approaches here and there will ensure that the experience of a Charlotte Express game is complete.

Security/Safety/Readiness (SSR)
This role will appear passive most of the time, but when it is needed, it is suddenly the most important role. An injury in the stands or on the field will demand action. Might there be a need for the police for some reason. Charlotte Express’ Management Team has developed policies aimed at these types of unforeseen events and the SSR will help administer them should the need arise. Ideally, this candidate has some background as an EMT, in police work or similar capacities that would suggest they can operate comfortably in what is unfamiliar territory for most.

Charlotte Express expects to partner with a firm whose principal business is the production and game day merchandising of athletic wear and team gear. However, it is likely that this partner will want to be working with a volunteer (or 2) from the Charlotte Express. If you have experience with retailing or similar work, we’d appreciate having you as part of the Charlotte Express Game Day Team.

*Volunteers enjoy a variety of benefits, specifically game day admission. Although referred to as “volunteer”, a stipend is included as appreciation for the many contributions made by Charlotte Express volunteers.