Founders Club


Our Founders Club members are essential to our success. Their passion for Ultimate and support of the Express is inspiring. To show our thanks to, we provide them unique benefits and exclusive access. If you are interested in joining the Founders Club, please contact us at

Tryon Level


Monte Ritchey

Monte Ritchey was part of the original ownership group that brought professional Ultimate to Charlotte. He is President of Conformity Corp, a full service commercial real estate firm, responsible for many of Charlotte’s most innovative urban developments. Monte has played ultimate longer than he will admit and is a huge activist for growing the sport of Ultimate. He is married to Jessica, his wife of 20 years, and has two children, William and Olivia.

“I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the incredible team that brought professional Ultimate to Charlotte and will support the Express at every turn. After a very exciting inaugural year, I can’t wait to see what comes next.”
– Monte Ritchey


Jon and Anna Vordermark

Jon and Anna Vordermark are the inaugural members of the Charlotte Express founders club, having helped develop the founder’s program. Jon is a Management Consultant and Project Management Professional, having advised Fortune 500 companies across the Carolinas. He has been part of the Charlotte Ultimate fabric since 2000 as a player, league coordinator, and certified coach. Jon has also played on masters-level club teams in Charlotte, NC and in Roanoke, VA. Anna is a marketing leader with industry expertise in healthcare. She serves on various marketing and healthcare executive boards in Charlotte and is a native of nearby York, SC.

“We are proud to be a part of the Charlotte Express family and are excited to give back to an Ultimate community that has brought us so much joy and friendship over the years.”
– Jon and Anna Vordermark

Queens Level


Steve Dunn

Steve Dunn played Ultimate recreationally in college and now works as an attorney in Charlotte. He enjoys live music, theatre, and supporting local sports teams with his wife, Kelli, and their children, Clara and Cooper.

“Ultimate is an exciting spectator sport that is destined to grow in popularity. It’s fun to support a new franchise in Charlotte and have the opportunity for direct personal connections between the team and its fans.”
– Steve Dunn